Serving HUD Agencies & Small Business

RAM Housing in Aberdeen is centrally located to serve housing authorities from around the country.
RAM Housing Specialists is located in Aberdeen, South Dakota and we serve clients across the nation. When RAM was established in 1974 our focus was in accounting services for Housing and Urban Development (HUD) agencies. In the last 40 years RAM’s team of experts hasn’t changed much making us one of the most knowledgeable HUD accounting partners available.

We bring more than 170 years of combined experience to the table. We also serve this industry through a custom HUD software solution that helps our clients operate their organizations more efficiently. Through personal service and industry-leading software we help our clients navigate the complicated regulations of the public housing industry.

We assist a number of our housing providers with property management services. Our intimate knowledge of the public housing industry has given us a solid understanding of the challenges property owners face and our staff is committed to being a dependable partner.

We also offer bookkeeping and payroll services for small businesses in Aberdeen and around the region, serving clients ranging from restaurants to pharmacies and industries of all types.

Meet Our Team

  • Rich Galbraith
    Rich Galbraith, Owner
    Since 2014
  • Dottie Rieker
    Dottie Rieker, TAR
    Since 1986
  • Deborah Fletcher
    Deborah Fletcher, Ledger
    Since 1984
  • Dale Strom
    Dale Strom, Technology
    Since 1998
  • Amy Pike, TAR
    Since 2012
  • Vicki Jerde, Programming
    Since 1983
  • Paul Zinter, Programming
    Since 2015
  • Tami Elsen, AP & AR
    Since 2013
  • Nadeen Comes, Ledger
    Since 2014
  • Brinda Peterson, Ledger
    Since 2000
  • Lloyd Jerde, Ledger
    Since 2006
  • Renee Harris, HUD Specialist & PR
    Since 1999
  • Donna Schmidt, TAR
    Since 2008
  • Shawn Frericks, Housing Assistant
    Since 2015
  • Jennifer Fugman, Ledger
    Since 2015