RAM Housing Specialists Software

Affordable Software with Personal Training

We’ve developed HUD software catering to the unique accounting and reporting requirements for affordable housing agencies. Our bookkeeping software is fully integrated making it easy to navigate, including reports which are simple to print and understand. We can even create custom reports as needed. Reports can also be exported into any format you need, including Excel, Word, TXT, HTML, PDF and CSV.

Personal, Thorough Training

We provide both on-site and in-house training based on what works best for your organization. During the year we also host several workshops to assist clients with coding, reading financial statements, payroll procedures, accounts receivable reporting and other valuable topics. Sign up to receive notifications of upcoming training workshops. Following any initial training we provide unlimited phone support as part of every software package we offer. We don’t put you on the clock when you call allowing you to ask as many questions as you want at no additional cost. Phone support is available from 8a – 5p CST or other times by appointment.

Seamless Data Transfer

Data integrity is key to a successful HUD software solution. We take care to be sure your information is transferred accurately from your current system – whether it’s other housing authority software, Microsoft Excel, Word or any other system. We’ll work with your team to get you started on the right foot with us.

Safe and Secure

We protect your confidential information so that it can’t get into the wrong hands. Multiple user account levels can be created to limit access for internal personnel and secure measures are in place to keep outsiders out. Information is automatically backed up so you can be confident you won’t lose the information your organization relies on.

Flexible Module Options

Our affordable housing software is made of multiple modules that work together seamlessly. All aspects of your accounting are funneled into a comprehensive General Ledger, with a complete audit trail from the source of input. We’ll help you customize a software solution as robust as you need without the features you don’t.


General Ledger

This is the Module at the center of our software. It gives you an accurate snapshot of your financial position and was designed around HUD reporting requirements, keeping you compliant.


Features & Functions
  • Master Chart of Accounts
  • General Ledger Master File
  • Contract Master File
  • Modernization Master File
  • Check and JV Entry Update
  • Provides for Insurance Registers
  • Provides for Budgets – Operating and Developing
  • Provides for Check Reconciliation
  • Provides for Investment Registers
  • Provides for Proration of Expenses
  • Interfaces with Accounts Payable, Payroll, and Accounts Receivables
Reports & Documents
  • General Ledger Detail
  • Operating Statements on “PUM” Basis
  • Development Costs Statements
  • Modernizations Reports
  • Cash Flow Reports
  • Contract, Insurance, and Investment Register
  • Non-Expendable Equipment Register
  • HUD Financial Statements, HUD 52595, 52596, 52484, 52826, 53049, etc.

Accounts Payable

Stay informed of up-to-the-minute cash position and projections of future cash requirements for any period. This system ensures that discounts are taken and invoices are paid when due.


Features & Functions
  • Provides Alphanumeric Vendor Identification
  • Vendor Invoice (voucher) Input Permits User-Defined General Ledger Expense/Purchase Distribution with Vendor Master File Updating.
  • Includes both Invoice Due Date and Discount Date Control
  • Identifies Discount Taken and/or Discount Lost
  • Provides Cash Disbursement Control at the Individual Invoice Level
  • Allows for Hold, Cancel or Release of Invoices for Payment
  • Allows for Handwritten Checks of New Transactions or Previously Vouchered Transactions
  • Allows for Partial Payment of Vendor Invoices
  • Offer Vendor Analysis Identifying Purchases, Discounts and Number of Invoices Year to Date of Last Activity
  • Allows for Visual Display of Unpaid Invoices for a Particular Vendor
Reports & Documents
  • Vendor Master Listing
  • Accounts Payable Invoice/Voucher Register
  • Accounts Payable General Ledger Distribution Report
  • Accounts Payable Aged Trial Balance
  • Cash Requirements Detail Report
  • Cash Requirement Summary Report
  • Pre-check Writing Edit List
  • Partial Payment Edit List
  • Check Register
  • Vendor Purchase Analysis Report
  • 1099s
  • Minority Contractor Report


We simplify your payroll process, with a high-speed time-card date input, user-defined general ledger, labor-expense distribution, and calculations for the creation of payroll reports.


Features & Functions
  • Multiple checks per employee
  • 401(k) tracking
  • Magnetic reporting
  • Up to 999 deductions per employee
  • User defined check stub description
  • Earned Income Credit
  • Division/department allocation of deductions
  • Third party checks printed
  • Direct Deposit
  • Manual check calculation
  • Deductions can be any of the following amounts: dollar, percentage, hours worked, percentage of disposable income, percentage of base pay
Reports & Documents
  • Time cards/worksheet – earnings and hours by pay type
  • Vacation/sick leave accrual report – employee check history
  • Year-to-date payroll report – payroll register for period ending
  • Worker’s comp report – federal quarterly report
  • Employee turnover analysis report – state quarterly report
  • Miscellaneous deduction report – local quarterly income tax report
  • Employee benefits report – W-2 Reporting
  • Employee master data listing

Tenant Accounting & Tenant Application

We offer both a Tenant Accounts Receivable System and a Section-8 Accounting System, providing the data for managing collections from tenants and payments to owners. Our Tenant Application Module creates a database of tenant information that can be used for management reporting. It also interfaces with the Tenant Accounting Module.


Features & Functions
  • Seven (7) Different Types of Programs: Rental, Old Mutual Help, New Mutual Help, Turnkey III, Section 8, FMHA, FHA
  • Amortization of Home-ownership
  • Maintains Reserves for Home-ownership
  • Produces Journal Vouchers
  • Provides for On-Line Updating
  • Provides for Utility Allowances
  • Provides for Constant Charges
  • Provides for Late Charges
  • Cash Receipts Entry
  • Provides for Rent Calculations
  • Interfaces to General Ledger
  • Interfaces Between Tenant Accounting and Tenant Applications
Reports & Documents
  • Home-ownership Statements, Mutual Help and Turnkey III
  • HUD Accounts Receivable Report, HUD 52295
  • Unit Availability Report, HUD 51234
  • Vacated Unit Report
  • Tenant Ledger Reports
  • Collection Losses Reports
  • HAP Register
  • Aging Accounts Receivable Report
  • Cash Receipts Report
  • Amortization Schedules
  • Rent Reviews
  • Detailed Accounts Receivable Balances
  • Tenant Statements with Detachable Remittance Advice
  • Certification of Tenant Eligibility – HUD 50059 & HUD 50058
  • 1099s to Owners
  • Other HUD Reports, 52683, 52684, 52685, 52670 Plus Others

Work Orders & Inventory Control

Maintain cost of labor, equipment transfer and tenant charges on a month-to-month and year-to-year basis. You’ll also have the information necessary to keep inventories at sufficient levels.


Features & Functions
  • Permits a 15-digit Alphanumeric Number
  • Maintains an Average Cost Price and Replacement Cost
  • Provides Reporting by up to 99 General Ledger Distribution Codes
  • Measures Inventory Usage on Month-to-Month and year-to-year Basis
  • Maintains Beginning and Ending Inventory Book Balance
  • Identifies Date of Last Physical Inventory
  • Permits Inventory on Hand Adjustments at Time of Posting
  • Interfaces to Work Order and General Ledger
Reports & Documents
  • Inventory Master Recorder List
  • Inventory Valuation report
  • Purchasing Stock Status Report
  • Inventory Price List
  • Physical Inventory Count Worksheet
  • Purchase Orders
  • Invoicing

What Our Clients Say

RAM has been integral in teaching me the ins and outs of running a housing complex. From HUD reporting to interpreting HUD policy to even finding an architect – RAM is just a call or email away for any of my questions.
– Larry Holand
Executive Director, Howard Housing & Redevelopment Commission
RAM has been a great resource by managing our payroll tax filings and other requirements so that we can focus on goals. RAM is an asset to our team – we couldn’t run our business as smooth and efficiently without them.
– Rachel
Executive Director, North East South Dakota Area Health Education Center
Our housing authority likes to use RAM Software because it’s easy, fast and they have great support. And our auditors like it, too! We’d recommend RAM Software to anyone in our situation.
– Blake Strehlow
Executive Director, Cass County Housing Authority
We’ve been using RAM for our accounting needs for over 25 years. With their knowledge and experience, we’ve been able to focus on our daily activities and not our accounting needs.
– Jeannie Cadwell
Executive Director, Lower Brule Housing Authority
RAM does a tremendous job in meeting all of our accounting needs. Equally as important for us is the exceptional consulting they provide for our staff. They offer experience and knowledge that’s always accessible and prompt.
– Matthew Bay
Executive Director, Rice Lake Housing Authority