Brookings Housing Authority

Subsidized Housing in Eastern South Dakota

Brookings County Housing and Redevelopment in Brookings SD is a local housing authority administering Tenant-Based Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher (HCV) programs. We help eligible families find safe and affordable housing of their choice within Brooking, Moody and Kingsbury counties.

Current Payment Standards

BR = bedroom

0 BR1 BR2 BR3 BR4 BR5 BR6 BR
BROOKINGS COUNTY$940$946$1,208$1,702$2,050$2,358$2,666
MOODY COUNTY$735$826$1,086$1,507$1,843$2,119$2,396
KINGSBURY COUNTY$792$889$1,168$1,413$1,878$2,160$2,442
DUEL COUNTY$735$826$1,086$1,530$1,744$2,006$2,268
HAMLIN COUNTY$735$834$1,086$1,470$1,474$1,695$1,917

Current Income Limits

1 Person2 People3 People4 People5 People6 People7 People8 People


Apply for a Rent Voucher

If you meet the income limits above, please download our pre-application. You’ll need to print the document, complete it and return it to us in person, via mail or via fax.


Tenant Change Report Form

If you’re a current tenant and have changes to your name, income, family members, childcare costs or medical expenses, please complete our form prior to the 25th of the month.

Participating Landlords

The listed landlords offer units through the Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher program. Availability may vary among participants, so we recommend calling to inquire about current openings. Feel free to reach out to our staff for more information and insights into potential vacancies.

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  • Name: (xxx) xxx-xxxx
  • Name: (xxx) xxx-xxxx
  • Name: (xxx) xxx-xxxx
  • Name: (xxx) xxx-xxxx
  • Name: (xxx) xxx-xxxx

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Brookings County Housing Authority

Phone (605) 692-1670

Fax (605) 692-3192


Address 1310 Main Ave S Suite 106, Brookings

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Removing Barriers to Economic Independence

The Brookings County Housing Family Self Sufficiency (FSS) Program aims to assist low-income individuals in achieving economic independence by eliminating barriers hindering self-sufficiency. Eligible participants must be enrolled in the Brookings County Housing Section 8 Program, attend school or be employed, and demonstrate the ability to increase their rent payments through work. Supportive services offered include gas assistance, clothing vouchers, money for school books, counseling, driver’s license renewal fees, college application fees, GED testing fees, job training, and bus passes. FSS participants benefit from reduced state aid dependency, comprehensive case management, enhanced access to resources, improved self-esteem, and financial security. The program features an escrow savings account, where participants receive credits for rent increases due to higher earnings, matched by HUD, and qualify to receive the escrow upon achieving established goals and transitioning off assistance. FSS, a voluntary HUD initiative, combines financial incentives with case management over a five-year period to empower subsidized housing residents toward economic stability and self-sufficiency.


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