Mobridge Housing Authority

Rental Assistance in North Central South Dakota

As the local housing authority for North Central South Dakota, we administer the Tenant-Based Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher (HCV) programs which provides rental assistance those who meet meet certain income guidelines and eligibility criteria. We help eligible families access safe and affordable housing.

Current Payment Standards

Amounts listed below include rent plus utilities  |  BR = bedroom

0 BR1 BR2 BR3 BR4 BR5 BR6 BR
CAMPBELL COUNTY$735$826$1,086$1,530$1,744$2,006$2,268
CORSON COUNTY$735$826$1,086$1,320$1,548$1,780$2,012
DEWEY COUNTY$735$967$1,086$1,434$1,471$1,692$1,912
EDMUNDS COUNTY$735$826$1,086$1,437$1,744$2,006$2,268
CITY OF FAULKTON$752$844$1,110$1,470$1,783$2,050$2,318
HAND COUNTY$735$856$1,086$1,530$1,744$2,006$2,268
PERKINS COUNTY$735$874$1,086$1,501$1,744$2,066$2,268
POTTER COUNTY$799$897$1,179$1,561$1,570$1,806$2,042
WALWORTH COUNTY$751$843$1,108$1,340$1,669$1,920$2,169

Current Income Limits

1 Person2 People3 People4 People5 People6 People7 People8 People


Apply for a Rent Voucher

If you meet the income limits above, please download our pre-application. You’ll need to print the document, complete it and return it to us in person, via mail or via fax.


Tenant Change Report Form

If you’re a current tenant and have changes to your name, income, family members, childcare costs or medical expenses, please complete our form prior to the 25th of the month.

Participating Landlords

The landlords listed below offer units as part of the Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher program. Availability may vary among participants, so please call to inquire about current openings. Don’t hesitate to reach out to our staff for further information on potential vacancies.

  • Brown Palace Apartments: (605) 845-7935
  • Hoff Homes: (605) 845-3248
  • Nicole Keller: (605) 823-4239
  • David Haefner: (605) 762-3204
  • Jim Hamre: (402) 890-4938
  • Standing Rock Housing: (701) 854-3891


Contact Us or Stop By

Mobridge Housing and Redevelopment

Phone (605) 845-2560

Fax (605) 845-9902


Address 202 1st Ave East, Mobridge

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Assistance to Achieve to Economic Independence

The Mobridge Housing and Redevelopment (FSS) Program is aimed at assisting low-income individuals in achieving economic independence by removing barriers. Eligible participants must be enrolled in the Mobridge Housing and Redevelopment Section 8 Program, either in school or employed, and able to work to increase rent payments. Supportive services provided include gas assistance, clothing vouchers, financial aid for school books, counseling, driver’s license renewal, and more.

Participants in the FSS Program benefit from reduced reliance on state aid, comprehensive case management, increased self-esteem, better access to helpful agencies, financial security, and the establishment of an escrow savings account. The escrow account grows as participants’ earnings increase, matched by HUD, and is accessible upon meeting established goals and achieving independence from other forms of assistance. FSS is a voluntary program that incentivizes earnings growth and offers case management to help residents overcome employment barriers. The program is designed to last for five years.


Reach out to Roxana to To Learn More

Phone (605) 845-2560


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