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Owner Rich Galbraith personally attends to the needs of his clients and oversees the RAM Bookkeeping operations daily.With your investment dollars on the line, it’s important to find a property management company you can trust. At RAM Housing Specialists we share your goals of keeping your property full and your residents happy. We offer property management services for both subsidized and private housing in Aberdeen and the surrounding areas.

Tenant Management

We’ll assist you in every phase of filling your rental property – from managing listings to ensuring program compliance and getting paperwork signed. We’ll also collect rent checks, manage deposits and get those monies into your bank account. If things don’t work out we take on any evictions procedures as well.

Reliable Maintenance

We’re available for maintenance requests 24 hours a day so that your residents aren’t left in the lurch. If it’s a job too big for us to handle we’ll make arrangements for issues to be dealt with quickly and efficiently. We’ll also ensure your property is up to local code and make regular property inspections to help prevent any surprises.

If you’re tired of managing your own properties or looking for a reliable rental property manager, give RAM Housing Specialists a call and we’ll be happy to assist you.

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